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How the Alexander Technique Can Help Athletes

For many years, professionals, Olympians, and sports enthusiasts have elevated their performances with the Alexander Technique. The technique improves mental and physical skills by increasing focus; improving breathing capacity, balance and coordination; achieving a wider range of motion; and lowering the chance of injury. 

Through the years we’ve been taught to think if we work harder to “get it right” we can achieve optimal success. When we input this message into our thoughts, we naturally try harder and end-gain. The physical results are typically that the neck and shoulder muscles shorten and tighten. This head and neck relationship acts like a master reflex key for the entire body. If the head and neck are thrown off, then your torso is thrown, your breathing is impaired, and your entire body is off kilter. When we try harder and end-gain, we also use excessive muscle tension which many times results in injury.

Another important component that the technique addresses is our faulty sensory perception.  If we aren’t kinesthetically aware of exactly of what we are doing, then we are actually doing something else.

In your AT lessons we will explore what patterns of habit and excessive tension are in your way and release the patterns to allow you to perform with greater ease and less effort. We will do this by breaking down the old habitual pattern and introducing a new one.

The Alexander Technique is experiential. The AT gentle hands-on teaching approach will guide you to practice awareness, inhibition and re-direction and obtain optimal body posture which will aid you in making intelligent choices when a stimulus occurs. This in turn will also help you to recalibrate when you’ve made a mistake, rather than let matters escalate when a mistake is made. (Often costing you the game.)

Through AT you will discover that by being aware of how you are doing an activity, you will be mindful and at ease with your movements resulting in less stress and tension and heightened “zone" performance.

Studies have demonstrated the Alexander Technique:

  • Increases stamina

  • Relieves muscular tension

  • Increases range of motion and breathing capacity

  • Improves balance and coordination

  • Relieves stress disorders and migraines

  • Relieves neck, back and hip disorders

  • Helps the body run more economically


"Each time a jogger foot strikes the ground, a shock equivalent to three times their body weight reverberates for the feet and legs and up through the spine. A well-cushioned pair of trainers helps to lessen the blow, but even the most expensive shoes will not make up for inadequacies in running styles."

- Malcolm Balk

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